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How do i chose a domain name?

As you know, a domain name is a quick and easy way for someone to find your website on the Internet. Without a domain name, people would have to remember a series of numbers, or your IP address, and enter that to locate your site.

One of the first things to think about when choosing a domain name is even though they can be hundred of characters in length, the shorter the better. Domain names can contain letters, numbers, and hyphens.

You should avoid using hyphens if possible, because sometimes they make it hard to communicate your address to other people, and an easy understanding is very important.

What is a control panel?

The control panel is a vital part of any web hosting account. Without some sort of control panel, you would not be able to do very much. The control panel is where you perform actions on your website, such as creating email accounts, creating databases, setting up security, and many other things.

You need some sort of panel, even a basic one.

Among the most widely used web hosting panels are cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin. Some control panels only run on Linux, some are meant for Windows, and some will work with both types of operating systems.

One Important Note: Just because your computer at home is running Windows, it doesn’t mean that you need to find a Windows hosting account. You only need a Windows account if your website requires features that only work on Windows. Otherwise, a Linux account will work just as will, and with very few differences. Most Windows accounts cost a little more because of the license costs.

What is Web Hosting?

It is a very important part of the way the Internet works today. To most people, the Internet seems to just work all by itself, but many website owners have come to learn that is not the case at all.

A web hosting service is a type of service provided by thousands of companies that allows individuals and organizations to make their own websites accessible on the World Wide Web, by way of computer servers that are connected to the Internet 24/7.

Web hosts are companies that provide space on a computer system called a server they own or lease for use by their clients, and which are maintained in entire buildings called datacenters. These datacenters are climate controlled, as well quality and security controlled.

Web hosting give you access to the servers, via the Internet. With that access, you can upload your website to the server. Once it is configured properly, computers around the world will quickly know exactly where to find your website.

There are many different types of web hosting providers, but you have chosen our hosting company based on your own particular needs. Most clients are just starting out, and are enjoying our popular shared hosting plan.

This means you are sharing a server with many other clients websites, but you are still getting the quality and reliability for the cheapest cost.

How do i install an SSL Certificate in cPanel?

Installing an SSL Certificate in cPanel requires that the domain be assigned a dedicated IP to begin with, so check your cPanel or with your hosting company as to your IP status. Secondly in order to use the “SSL Manager” Feature in cPanel a Dedicated IP is required, So check with your hosting company to provide you with a Dedicated IP, the cost of the IP and the activation of the “SSL Manager” in cPanel if it is not already in place.

Taking the next step now that everything is place we will click on the “SSL/TLS Manager” icon located on the cPanel “Security” panel. This first step needs to be completed BEFORE you can purchase the SSL certificate from your Hosting Company or SSL Provider.

Click on the link below “Private Keys (KEY)”, on the next page go down the page until you find “Generate a New Key”. In the empty “Host” field enter your domain as you would like it for the SSL Certificate.

NOTE: You have a choice of selecting your SSL with or without the “WWW” preceding the domain name. This selection is important as an SSL will ONLY work correctly under the format that you select here. If you choose to use, your ssl will error if you use it as (without the “www”) or the other way around.

Most web owners and users select to use the SSL with the “WWW” in the cert name. Change the KEY SIZE to 2048 and Click The Generate Button. You will then go to a page displaying your Private Keys, While this will be passed on to the next step “Certificate Signing Request (CSR)” it is a good idea to copy the generated key in the top box and paste in notepad until you have completed the ssl set-up. Copy EVERYTHING in the box including the “Begin and End Comment Lines”. Click “Home” at the top of page.

Now Re-Click the “SSL/TLS Manager” icon. On the Manager Page Click on the link below “Certificate Signing Request (CSR)”, you must generate a CSR to take to the SSL provider that will issue the certificate.

To Generate a new CSR make sure your domain name as you created it in the Private Key is visible in the HOST field drop-down. Continue by filling out the information requested.

NOTE: You have a choice of selecting your SSL with or without the “WWW” preceding the domain name. This selection is important as an SSL will ONLY work correctly under the format that you select here. If you choose to use, your ssl will error if you use it as (without the “www”) or the other way around. Most web owners and users select to use the SSL with the “WWW” in the cert name. Continue to fill in the information as requested and Click the “Generate Button”. On the next page you will be presented with your “SSL Certificate Signing Request”. COPY ALL THE INFORMATION IN THE TOP BOX and paste it into that Notepad you saved the KEY in before. You will need to take this CSR to the issuing Authority of your SSL or to your hosting company for their assistance.

Once you receive your approved and completed SSL certificate from your SSL provider login or return to the SSL Manager and Click on the manager icon and on the next page find the link below the “Certificate (CRT)” heading . Paste the new SSL certificate you just received form your SSL provider in the space provided and upload. Click the return to SSL Manager at the bottom of the page.

Next we come to the last link on the Manager Page. Activate SSL on Your Web Site (HTTPS). Click and follow to the next page. Find your domain in the dropdown box and cPanel will (or should) fetch your SSL certificate and all other supporting documents and fill in the large boxes. once it has completed, go down the page to the “Install Certificate” button and install.

Your SSL Certificate should now be set up and functional in a short period of time (some propagation maybe required). If you had any issues during set-up or have any questions please contact us for assistance.

How do i use FTP?

This tutorial will teach you how to configure a web site in the FTP program, FileZilla. You should have FileZilla running on your computer, but not connected to a remote server. Start by opening the program. In the menu bar, select File. In the drop-down menu, select Site Manager. This will open the Site Manager window, and you need to click on the New Folder button.

This will show a new folder in the window on the left hand window, under My Sites. Enter a name for the new folder in the box. Now we need to configure a new site inside this new folder. Click on New Site, below the left hand window. This will create a new site below the folder we just created. Enter a name for the new site in the box. On the right hand side, there is a box called Host:. In this box, enter the name of the Host. Scroll down a little, and select Normal for logon type. Enter the Username in the box below the Logon type. The next box is for your Password. Then click Connect at the bottom of the window. That is it! You are now connected to the remote server. The login details have been saved for quicker connections in the future.

To disconnect from the server, click on Server in the top menu bar. Then click on Disconnect from the drop-down menu. You should now know how to configure a web site in the FTP program FileZilla, in order to establish an FTP connection.

Creating a cPanel Backup?

Although we do keep backup’s of your web account it’s always better for you as it gives you more power and flexibility to create your own copy also, and you have to be aware that we provide free weekly backups so if your page is a forum or a blog that changes very often it’s more preferable for you to create your own backups through cPanel and have them handy just in case something goes wrong.

Creating a backup of your web hosting account has never been so easy and although you can’t restore a cPanel move backup on your own you can have a backup of your web account and in case of an unexpected event you can ask our support staff to restore your account using your backup files instead.

We will keep updating our common questions page continuously

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